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Stackpole Limited - Manufacturing Filtration and Ductwork system

Business Overview

Stackpole Limited is one of the world's leading manufacturers of highly engineered, technologically differentiated, powertrain systems, components, pumps and assemblies.

Over the past 25 years, Stackpole's R&D team pioneered and commercialized innovative powder metal (PM) technologies that have made them leaders in high-strength, precision PM components, pumps and assemblies.

Stackpole's greatest strength is providing it's customers with complete powertrain system solutions.

The challenge

DBS was contracted to bring emissions from a heat treating operation below Ontario Ministry of Environment standards.

The scope of work

DBS installed 5 custom-built extraction filter systems for the oil from the heat treating operation. This was a turnkey operation and included the engineering and install of structural frame and 50 ft. stacks on the roof of the plant.   DBS also designed, welded and installed all the custom ductwork to achieve the proper capturing velocity.

The results

Subsequent MOE testing proved emissions well below ministry standard - in fact in the 3 years since installing the system, Stackpole has not had one single emissions complaint. Stackpole improved the inside environment for their employees, removing significant amounts of smoke and haze from inside plant.

In addition, Stackpole has saved significant operation expenses by reducing downtime from MOE shut-downs and complaints from neighbours, and reduced maintenance and filter costs of the legacy systems that were removed.

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